Graphic Design

Whether we are starting from scratch or following existing branding guidelines, our creatives are experts in brand communication. 

If you’re starting fresh, tell us about all of the great ideas running through your mind and our artists will bring them to life. Clean and simple or outrageous and fun—we’ll land on exactly what you’ve been envisioning. 

If you’re in need of a little boost towards your current brand, we carefully read and digest your brand guidelines/style guides to make sure all of our work adheres to your brand parameters and carefully communicates in your organization’s tone and personality.

Artwork Requirements

To help avoid files that are unable to be processed, please observe the following instructions when preparing your art files for production with Brandscape.  

Always include the file name, finished size, and page count including cover. Providing this information to our team up front saves time by answering the most basic questions.

All logos, t-shirt designs, and any other basic imagery for production on apparel or products must be submitted in VECTOR FORMAT (Ai, EPS, PDF, SVG). Logos/icons/designs submitted in a JPEG or PNG format will not produce high enough resolution results for printing purposes.

Additionally, provide all unique colors (PMS Colors/spot color names—if applicable) in your artwork. This ensures a correct translation of your brand’s colors to your final product.

Include or outline all fonts that are used in the artwork. Brandscape will not be able to see or use your selected fonts if they are not included in the file or outlined before sending. If you choose to outline fonts, keep in mind no further edits can be made by our team and text is no longer editable once this is done, so be sure you’ve checked your spelling!

Please provide all linked images or embed the images into your artwork. We are not able to see images that are not linked or embedded into your document.

Trim size should be the same as the final printed size. Bleeds are used if you need your printed piece to have color to the edge of the page. Bleeds should be exactly 1/8″ over the final finished size. Extend any background colors or design elements all the way to the bleed edge, 1/8″ outside the trim line. To be at full bleed, the design must extend to the edge of this bleed area. This ensures that an unwanted white border is not shown after the document is cut. To avoid having text or images cut off during trimming, please keep all important information within the safe area. This is generally 1/8” inside the trim line. Once your bleed is in place, all documents must be saved with bleeds & crop marks before being sent to our team for production.

When your document has a fold, honor a safe area on either side of the fold line as well. This will keep your important information from falling into the fold when the piece is finished.

Please provide all artwork files in CMYK format.

Make sure your project is saved at 300 dpi. Many times pictures that you took off the Internet or pictures that you have scanned will not be 300 dpi. 300 dpi is the minimum image resolution that is recommended to deliver clear and vibrant pictures. Pictures that are less than 300 dpi will be fuzzy and unclear.